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Galvanized Embedded Parts Of Curtain Wall Engineering

Recently, the embedded parts of many projects are galvanized, but the steel bars of civil engineering are not galvanized. Why should the embedded parts of curtain wall be galvanized.
1. I think it is very necessary to galvanize the embedded parts.
According to the standard requirements, curtain wall components are generally galvanized, but there is no clear that the embedded parts of curtain wall must be galvanized, which is just a method of anti-corrosion. Galvanized embedded parts will generally reduce the bond strength with concrete. The construction method is generally to brush red lead paint twice on the exposed surface of embedded parts, and then brush silver paint twice on the welding part. Generally, even if the embedded parts are hot-dip galvanized together with anchor bars, it will cost 1.2 yuan more per kilogram, which will reduce the processing cost of the construction unit.
Whether the embedded parts are hot-dip galvanized is not important, the key is that you should take convincing anti-corrosion measures, perhaps with the development of science and technology, there are better treatment methods. However, the treatment of hot dip galvanizing is still the most economical and convenient.
2. It is unnecessary to galvanize the embedded parts before being knocked out. After knocking out, the embedded parts shall be painted with antirust paint once, antirust paint twice and silver paint once after welding corner bar. Remember to finish with a wire brush before painting for the first time.
3. The galvanized steel anchor plate should affect the welding quality. The steel structure with large rigid connection is not galvanized.
4. It is better to hot-dip galvanize the exposed part of the embedded parts, while the anchor bars are not galvanized, but this is very difficult to do, maybe not at all.
5. The embedded parts must be galvanized. The reinforcement in the building structure is not galvanized because it has little contact with the outside world, while the glass curtain wall is exposed, touching the outside world, and may touch with rain water. It is considered that it is necessary to galvanized to prevent rust and make the curtain wall skeleton fall.
6. Galvanizing embedded parts is a waste. The purpose of galvanizing is to avoid the corrosion of iron parts. Is it possible that only galvanizing can prevent corrosion? It is not necessary to galvanize, and two layers of antirust paint can be applied on the exposed surface.
7. The surface of the embedded plate of the embedded parts can be coated with antirust paint. Reinforcement does not need to be treated, otherwise it is a waste.
8. Asked the Design Institute, reinforcement appearance to be treated, it will affect the effect of concrete on it, embedded parts of the riveting bar is the same.
9. The embedded parts and post embedded parts in curtain wall engineering are basically hot-dip galvanized. There are a small amount of sand spray paint, in fact, all for the need of anti-corrosion.