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H Steel Helps Build One Belt, One Road Infrastructure

The one belt, one road of one belt, one road policy in China, has been used for many years since March 28, 2015. The effect has been obvious for many years. This proposal has been running from the very beginning to the goal of "sharing, sharing and building together". Now, obviously, it has achieved a lot of achievements. Because of the "one belt and one road", we have reached friendly cooperation with the countries along the Silk Road, and have won mutual benefit. Recently, because one belt, one road project has made us connect with Bangladesh.
As early as 2016, our country and Bangladesh reached an agreement on this matter and built Padma bridge. The bridge is located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The specific location is on the Padma River, so it is clear. After the completion of this bridge, 21 districts in the south of Bangladesh will be connected with the capital Dhaka. Moreover, with this bridge, we will also have a connection with the south of the Pan Asian Railway in China and India, which is convenient for communication.
One belt, one road, is the most proud of us. The bridge is built from our country. The friends who know about steel should know that H steel is the best choice for building the bridge. Its weight is lighter than that of the concrete, but its seismic effect is good. Our country is responsible for the manufacture of H steel and then transported to Bangladesh to make this benefit from the "one belt" road in Bangladesh. Bridge.
It is reported that this Padma bridge, with a total length of 6 kilometers, spans the entire Padma River and is also a bridge for both highway and railway. Up to now, it is the largest bridge built in Bangladesh. Not only that, but also for our country, it is the largest bridge construction project undertaken overseas in our country. Cannot do without the "one belt, one road", but we can see that the H steel has always been one of the indispensable steel sections in the market, and the construction of the bridge is more important than the H section.
It can be said that this bridge not only improves the communication and economy between the two countries, but also proves the prospect and strength of our country in this industry.
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