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Current Market Situation Of H-beam

H-section steel is a kind of economic section high-efficiency profile with more optimized section area distribution and more reasonable strength weight ratio. It is named because its section is the same as the English letter "H". Because H-beam is arranged at right angles in all parts, H-beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structure weight in all directions. Due to the above advantages, H-beam is widely used, mainly for: various civil and industrial building structures; various large-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially in areas with frequent seismic activities and under high-temperature working conditions; large bridges requiring large bearing capacity, good section stability and large span; heavy equipment; expressways; ship skeleton; Mine support; foundation treatment and dike engineering; various machine components.
H-beam can be produced by welding or rolling.
In the early days, China's H-beam lacked production capacity and mainly relied on imports. However, due to technological progress, China has become a major exporter of H-beam. At present, the main domestic manufacturers are Baowu iron and steel, Rizhao Iron and steel, Magang group, Jinxi group, Baotou Iron and steel and Laigang Group, and the main imports are Sumitomo new Japan.
The main products are heavy-duty series, thick wall series, wide flange series and other high value-added H-shaped steel products which are lack in China at present, and some special-shaped steel products such as extra large specification angle steel, U-shaped steel sheet pile and cap steel for railway vehicles are supplemented.
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