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How to maintain greenhouse greenhouses in galvanizing tank mills

The galvanized channel steel mill explains the galvanized channel steel | How to maintain the greenhouse:

1. Check whether the working pressure and flow rate of each wheel irrigation group are the same as the design at any time. Whether the drip irrigation pipelines are all discharged and recorded in the book;

2. The operator must inspect the field and repair the damaged pipeline, field valve and drip irrigation pipeline in time;

3. Open the end of each drip line in turn, and use a high-pressure water stream to flush out the fine micro-particles accumulated at the end of the dropper. The pipeline is opened one by one to ensure sufficient pressure and cannot be turned into a cell;

4. When working, ensure that the outlet of the dripper is facing the sky, and the galvanized channel steel is used to prevent the drip irrigation pipeline from inhaling dust when the water is stopped;

5, at the surface, must not be buried by sand;

6. Air valve During the irrigation season, it is required to always ensure that the lower ball valve is in the fully open position to eliminate various damage caused by air.

First of all, when building a new greenhouse, it is impossible to use the surface tillage soil as the back wall soil. Compared with the vegetables in the open field, the economic benefits of greenhouse vegetables are good. Coupled with the support of policies, many greenhouses have been added every year in recent years, but the problems in construction are more prominent. In order to save soil resources, some construction engineering teams often use the soil excavated from the original surface as the back wall. As a result, the remaining soil has become the raw soil without growing plants. The vegetable greenhouse manufacturers pointed out that this is actually Not conducive to the growth of crops.

Secondly, it is necessary to do temperature management, because the temperature often affects the growth and development of plants, and affects the various physiological processes of plant endosomes, such as respiratory decomposition, photosynthesis, absorption and transport of water and nutrients. Among them, morning, morning, noon, evening and late night, because of the influence of light and temperature, it will cause problems in plant physiological metabolism. Therefore, the management of greenhouse greenhouses becomes very important at this time, only the temperature is controlled. Factors such as humidity can make plants grow faster.

Tips for improving the environment inside and outside the greenhouse

Develop outstanding daily fire prevention habits. It is common to store the inflammable materials such as firewood accumulated in the village in a designated safe area, so as to avoid the strong wind and climate constitute a burning camp. It is also necessary to do a good job of stopping the burning of straw by farmers, and avoid greenhouse fires caused by the burning of straw at will.

According to the actual situation, the correct location and reasonable placement. The greenhouse built by the galvanizing trough should be set up in a place with sufficient natural water source and relatively clear roads, and placed on the dominant side of the region's minimum frequency throughout the year. The greenhouse should be placed outside the village and should not be set in the village. It should be set up in the village, and the distance between the greenhouse and the nearest open flame or sparking address (such as the chimney) should be no less than 30 meters. The placement of a greenhouse should be in line with fire protection requirements.

The installation of greenhouses can be set up with reference to the fire protection requirements of civil fire buildings of Grade 4 fire resistance. When single installation, the length should not exceed 60 meters, and the area should not exceed 600 square meters. The fire distance between the group and the group should not be less than 12 meters. The flammable and combustible materials and cultivated oily plants should not be accumulated within the fireproof distance. The grass around the greenhouse should be removed in time. The greenhouse should not be built under high-voltage wires.

It is forbidden to live in greenhouses and implement closures. Some farmers have to live in the greenhouse or to avoid damage to the greenhouse, most of them live directly in the greenhouse, because the greenhouse needs to be heated by the fire, the greenhouse is not well ventilated, and it is easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Night fires are also prone to casualties. If you really need to live, you should build a house outside the greenhouse for people to live in. The house you build will use construction materials with high fire resistance and not easy to burn.

When carrying out large-scale greenhouse operation, the greenhouse should be fixed in a certain area, the area should be relatively closed, the wall should be built conditionally, the door guard should be established, and personnel should be arranged to watch the duty, to avoid unrelated personnel entering the shed area, especially to strengthen the holiday duty. Children are allowed to enter the shed area, and personnel should be patrolled at night to avoid artificial arson damage.