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Shenzhen Steel Works Co., Ltd. answers the product characteristics of special epoxy primer for galvanized steel structure

For those who are in constant contact with the paint industry, no matter what kind of anti-corrosive paint is applied, the construction may be improperly held, or the rest may cause the paint film to be scattered, let alone the nominally lubricated stainless steel or galvanized pipe profile. In order to prevent this kind of fading scene, many people will think of using epoxy zinc yellow primer or phosphating primer, because these two paints have been engraved with special labels for light metals.

The matching coating system commonly used in galvanized or galvanized steel structures produced by Shenzhen Steel Works :

The salt spray can reach 1000 hours, and the paint film has no rust and no blistering.

The former has a high level of heavy metals, especially lead exceeding the standard, and serious injuries and well-being. In addition, the paint film is not suitable for thick coating, the texture is brittle, and the topcoat is not easily covered.

They do not contain harmful substances of heavy metals, which are harmless to human health, and the coatings are low in infection.

Widely used in the name of various metals such as galvanized pipe, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, galvanized steel, copper metal, steel, etc.

Light metal special primer + epoxy cloud iron side paint + acrylic polyurethane topcoat

The light metal special epoxy primer can be applied thickly, the film thickness is high, the corrosion resistance is effectively increased, and the service life of the workpiece is extended.

The light metal special epoxy paint primer has the following advantages:

Such as galvanized pipe or galvanized steel, which is relatively lubricated, because zinc is an active metal, it can easily react with the base material in the normal coating to form zinc soap, which damages the joint force of the zinc surface and the coating, and leads to the coating film. The adhesion is not stable and easy to fall. For this, the protective coating should be selected as a primer with strong adhesion and possession of passivation, corrosion inhibition and shielding effects.

The acidity exhibited by the latter can damage the name of the metal. Especially in the name of galvanizing, the acid will damage the zinc layer used to cover the metal, and then be protected by the paint film, which cannot serve as a double cover.

Common disadvantages of the market for epoxy zinc yellow primer or phosphating primer:

In summary: the special primer for light metal is coated with a curing agent to form a protective coating for the light metal substrate, and can be coated with a typical topcoat such as fluorocarbon paint, epoxy paint, polyurethane paint or acrylic paint. Primers and topcoats work well together. These anti-corrosion topcoats not only cover the primer, but also provide excellent decorative effects.

Well, Shenzhen Steel Works has answered the product characteristics of the special epoxy primer for galvanized steel structure. I believe everyone knows it. Next, I will introduce Shenzhen Shengjinlong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Sheng Jinlong has been adhering to it. With the principle of "honesty, customer first, sincere cooperation, hand in hand", with the tenet of "sufficient supply, complete specifications, reasonable price and good service", we have established a good reputation in the surrounding areas of Shenwanhui and many The trust and support of customers establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship. Thank you for your reliance and support, the company will continue to provide better products and better services to our customers and colleagues from all walks of life. The company's main business: hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube, angle groove, round flat steel, embedded parts, galvanized pipe and Pu steel angle iron, channel steel, I-beam, steel pipe, square tube and other steel products .