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The price of galvanized steel pipe in the Shenzhen steel mill market is still falling

In the Shenzhen steel mill market, the galvanized steel pipe rebounded weakly, and the manufacturers began to seek stability. In the limited working days before the Spring Festival, they did not expect the price to continue to fall. Near the end of the year, next week, manufacturers will focus on holiday, so they are not eager to ship at low prices. No matter whether the lock price of Shenzhen Steel Factory or the market price of the market has stopped falling, the market transaction is still weak, and there is no sign of improvement in demand. Beginning to prepare for the holiday, the purchase was slow, and there was no stock plan before the festival. However, the low-cost resources in the early stage basically ended. With the increase in the cost of arrival and the incompleteness of some specifications, it is meaningless to continue to fall. Although the mentality is still in a negative state, it has moved from a downturn to a stable position. There will be no major adjustments to the price within a few working days. It is expected that the market price of galvanized steel pipes will continue to fluctuate slightly in the short term.

This week, the upstream cold-rolled base materials were narrowly arranged, and some of the lock prices were raised. The price of the coating market was narrowed, and the individual out-of-stock specifications were strong, but the overall transaction was in a downturn. As the market price of coatings showed a rapid decline this month, but the price cut did not stimulate the increase in shipments, the number of enterprises stopped production and maintenance increased, the market is still waiting to see the bearish atmosphere. It is understood that although the current price has reached a record low of more than ten years, but because the business is not optimistic about the market before the Spring Festival, coupled with tight capital chain and a significant reduction in downstream demand, there are currently a large number of winter stocks in the market. In addition, the current zinc wire and rolling mill enterprises have expanded their production and maintenance coverage, and even 2/3 galvanizing lines have been shut down for holiday, and the demand is basically stagnant. The overall operating rate is not high. The galvanized steel pipes maintain the original export orders. The company may stop production and maintenance in the near future, and it is expected that the price will be too large. It is expected that the short-term domestic market price of coated plate will be mainly fluctuating.

Opening today, the price of galvanized steel pipe in the Shenzhen steel mill market is still falling. Low and high, but this did not improve the market demand for the downturn. At present, the market is not ideal for high-priced or low-priced shipments, and the price is not endless. Shanghai still did not break away from the downward trend, and the transaction continued to shrink, resulting in merchants' quotations continuing to move closer to the low level. However, the operation of price-changing operations had little effect. The demand was weak and the inventory was slightly increased. The mainstream Shenzhen profile manufacturers and Shenzhen building materials factories were all lowered. The demand for cold weather in the north is not good, and the demand is not improving. The northern material is also a test of the resource consumption in the south. Henan is also a large steel province, and it is difficult to escape the fate of price decline. In particular, the Anyang market has accelerated in the near future, and its market price has fallen. Breaking the lowest level last year, but more businesses reflect that the current transaction is generally not ideal, mostly to low-cost inventory, pessimistic sentiment.