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Advantages of galvanized pipe being widely used

Simple and convenient inspection: hot dip galvanized layer can be visually and briefly tested for non-destructive coating thickness. 9. Reliability: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is strictly in accordance with GB/T3091-2008, and its minimum zinc layer thickness is limited. And the corresponding test, so its rust prevention period and performance are reliable and estimable.
Safety: Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe has passed the world green system certification such as ISO90001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 work health and safety management system, special equipment production license, etc., and every steel pipe must be severely fetched. Pressure test, and the use of chromium-free passivation after galvanizing will not affect the environment, ensuring that every steel pipe can be used with peace of mind.

Convenient transportation: The hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is centered on two production bases in Tianjin and Shandong. The marketing network covers all provinces and cities in China and is exported to South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and other countries. Transportation methods such as railway transportation are available for customers to choose from, which is very fast.

High-quality after-sales service: As the top 500 manufacturing operations in China, we provide free training services for customers, such as equipment supply, construction teaching and product protection, and promise to reply within 24 hours if there are any problems; if necessary, within 72 hours Arrive at the scene or handle the matter.
After the spot profit was eroded by the larger price increase of raw materials, unlike the previous year, the steel mill did not choose to continue production. Due to the better overall profit in the first three quarters, the cash flow of steel mills this year is relatively plentiful, and there is no need to be forced to continue production due to fear of pumping. At the same time, unlike 2018, when the profits of rebar turned losses, not all steel products turned profitable, and the profit of hot rolled coils and other plates remained high. When the production is not economical, the steel mill has one more choice—maintenance and production stoppage, while the molten iron is transferred to the varieties with better production profits. At the beginning of November, when the rebar profit was poor, Zhongtian Iron and Steel and Shagang in East China directly chose to stop the rebar production line for maintenance. When the second week of rebar increased by 500 yuan / ton, Zhongtian Iron and Steel adjusted production plans and increased rebar production. This kind of active adjustment of individual steel mills has promoted the relief of steel supply and demand.

After the National Day, steel stocks were lower than expected. As steel prices continued to rise, both rebar and hot-rolled coil stocks did not increase rapidly, but continued to fall. As of July 15, rebar stocks fell 13.56% from the stock high during the National Day, and hot rolled coil stocks fell 16.09%. Since the National Day, stocks have fallen for the sixth consecutive week, while stocks are at historically low levels and in the chain. Steel prices will remain relatively strong until signs of increase have been made.

In general, although the current regulatory level continues to increase supervision, trading policy risks increase the impact of the disk, but the demand remains, and there is no action in the steel inventory, the cost transfer channel is still smooth. The tight supply of coking coal and coke has not yet been resolved. The price of high-grade iron ore is strong under the background of RMB depreciation. Under the cost push, the price of galvanized pipe will remain high.