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What are the functions of corrosion-resistant galvanized pipes?

The galvanized pipe is the shape and high frequency of the welded steel hollow square square in the cold bending process of the billet hot-rolled or cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet or galvanized sheet; or the cold hollow tube is regalvanized and galvanized. prior to. The galvanized square tube is divided into a hot-dip galvanized pipe and a cold galvanized pipe from the production process. This is because the difference between the two galvanized tubes also creates many different physical and chemical properties. Generally in its strength, toughness and mechanical properties. There are many differences. Hot-dip galvanized pipe: is a coil formed by welding a square tube with a steel plate or a steel strip, and placed on a square tube based on a square tube in a hot-dip galvanizing tank to form a series of chemical reactions in a square. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe production process is simple, and the production efficiency is very high, and more varieties and specifications, equipment and capital RHS demand is small, suitable for small galvanized pipe factory production. But the strength, the strength of the steel is much lower than the seamless tube. It is mainly produced for drying and redox processes, feature tables.

The cold-galvanized zinc layer of the galvanized pipe has a very smooth, dense, uniform microstructure; good mechanical properties and corrosion-resistant zinc consumption; hot-dip galvanizing is 60% to 75% lower. Electrogalvanizing has some technical complexity, but the thickness of the single-sided coating, the surface coating and the double-sided coating are different, and the thin-walled tube should be galvanized. Zinc plating has strong protection and strong corrosion resistance. The entire structure is formed by zinc, a quaternary crystal dense, and a crystal of a barrier layer is formed on the plate, thereby effectively preventing penetration of corrosion factors. From the barrier layer to protect the zinc corrosion performance, when the zinc sacrificial anode protection is at the forefront, the coating is partially scratched and scratched, and the zinc oxide layer is insoluble and acts as a protective barrier.

Galvanized pipes are generally hot-dip galvanized, for example, cold-galvanized using wire grooves, and the color has a certain difference.

The galvanized pipe is thin-walled galvanized on the outside and hot-plated inside and outside.

The galvanized pipe is heated and welded to the steel pipe for galvanizing (the zinc pot will melt and then be taken out, and the steel is immersed in the zinc liquid for a while to cool and dry). The inner and outer wall steel pipes are attached to a layer of zinc. Generally used for low pressure fluid galvanized pipes (ie, water, liquid gas). delivery.

Standard classification of galvanized steel pipes

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel, general steel ( clarinet) is galvanized.

The galvanized pipe is divided into two types: hot-dip galvanizing and electrical steel zinc. The thickness of the hot-dip galvanized layer is low in galvanizing.

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