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The main advantages of I-beam

The strength of the stainless steel I-beam set bracket is that the heat-resistance function is good, the dry-burning is good, the skill is relatively mature, and the old one is also relatively low. In front of the hot-type electric water heater, the stainless steel I-steel profiles are more contrasted. The price of the various tubes is exceptional, and the gap is large. The same is the stainless steel electric heating tube, the difference in quality and function is also very large.

The distinction between the material of stainless steel electric heating tube is mainly the difference of nickel content. Nickel is a high-quality corrosion-resistant material. In stainless steel and after the combination of chromium, the corrosion resistance and process function of stainless steel are improved.

However, for low-carbon nickel steel stainless steel I-beams to obtain a pure austenite team, the nickel content should reach 24%, and only when the nickel content is 27%, the corrosion resistance of steel in some media changes significantly. Therefore, From the material point of view 800, 840, 316L is a correspondingly good corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant stainless steel electric heating tube.

The nickel content of the 800 stainless steel tube reaches 30%, and the nickel content of the 840 tube reaches 20%. However, if the 304 stainless steel I-beam is used, the nickel content is only 8%. Therefore, high temperature and corrosion resistance with high nickel content is adopted. The same product of stainless steel heating tube is very popular.

The above-mentioned sharing is all about the main advantages of I-beam . Shenzhen Shengjinlong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is a large-scale warehouse-operated trading company specialized in selling steel products. It has a large yard and is available in large quantities. complete. The company is one of the companies operating steel in Shenzhen Shenchuanglian Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2018. We have been adhering to the principle of "honesty, customer first, sincere cooperation, hand in hand", with the purpose of "sufficient supply, complete specifications, reasonable price and good service", and established a good reputation in the surrounding area. Get the trust and support of many customers and establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship. Thank you for your reliance and support, the company will continue to provide better products and better services to our customers and colleagues from all walks of life. The company's main business: hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube, angle groove, round flat steel, galvanized embedded parts, galvanized pipe and Pu steel angle iron, channel steel, I-beam, steel pipe, square tube and so on Steel products.


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