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The influence of the galvanized pipe of Shenzhen profile manufacturers has declined.

Shenzhen profile manufacturers galvanized pipe, but most of the demand in the market in Central China still has no obvious improvement at the present stage. Therefore, in the case of weak supply and demand, there is little room for price fluctuations; the chaos in the southwest is rising, and the rain is pouring out the high temperature in the southwest. However, it failed to spur the enthusiasm of the business, in which the hot rolling price in Chongqing was not changed much in 3880-3900 yuan, and the cold rolling 1 meter wide resource was severely broken. Although the 1250 specification was reduced but also in stock, the merchants increased greatly. The Chengdu area was suspended due to heavy rains, and the resources of Chengdu-Kunming Railway were suspended. It is difficult for foreign resources to enter Sichuan. In addition, Chongqing has a greater impact on the price of Chengdu's cold-rolled market, and the supply contraction and the low inventory of traders are generally adjusted. All of them are above 100 yuan, and they have gone out of the highest price in the country; the North China region has a strong first-and-coming, which is larger than that in East China and South China. From the previous hot-rolling and cold-rolling price difference from the lowest 200 yuan/ton to the current 400-450 yuan. / ton or so, the cost of cold rolling upside down has been greatly improved, and the dealer's mentality has also improved significantly. In the two weeks, the rebound was at 100-150 yuan. The main reason was not demand pull, but the market inventory caused by supply reduction was reduced. The Tiantie orders were halved, and Tangshan Steel, Shougang and Baotou Steel were also less. Produce reluctance to sell. Under the influence of the downstream buying and not buying down, the overall market transaction is still acceptable, but the dealers control the shipping rhythm and sell as the main operation mode. However, in the latter half of the week, Tianjin, Handan, Suigang, Shougang and Tiantie have goods. It should be noted that the current cold rolling price of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is more expensive than that of the South. If the price of the southern market does not follow up significantly, it is difficult to get out of the independent rising market.
Shenzhen Shengjinlong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of Shenzhen profile manufacturers: galvanized steel pipe, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, galvanized pipe, angle groove and so on. It is widely used in urban pure water supply, high-rise building water supply, industrial water supply, air-conditioning warm channel system, fire protection system, medical and health, electric cable sheathing, etc. It is one of the mainstream directions for future pipeline product development. Products involved in civil, construction, industrial, chemical, electric power, petroleum, pharmaceutical, marine, highway, subway tunnels, natural gas, ships, agriculture, coal mining and other industries. The company pays attention to the research and development of steel-plastic composite pipes, making the products suitable for different fields. Product performance, technical indicators, and appearance all reach the domestic high-end level, and can provide systematic support services according to customer needs.