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Shenzhen profile manufacturers in the hot-dip galvanized square tube, angle groove , round flat steel, embedded parts, galvanized pipe and Pu steel angle iron, channel steel, I-beam, steel pipe, square tube and so on Steel products. Shenzhen Shengjinlong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Pingshan Building Materials Market, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen. It is one of the units of China's national steel pipe standards. Shengjinlong series pipelines are the designated brand suppliers of gas, fire, water supply, structure and threading pipes for many large enterprises. Many people think that the requirements of the spiral steel pipe are not very high, as long as they can be used, but this idea is very wrong, because once the environment is not so ideal, the spiral steel pipe can not be played out with many functions, so it can not be Normal use. Then what are the specific requirements for the environment? The first is the temperature control, generally between minus 40 degrees and 70 degrees. Beyond this range, the function of the spiral steel pipe will definitely be affected accordingly. This data is obtained by the manufacturer after numerous tests, which can fully guarantee the insulation performance and flame retardant performance of the spiral steel pipe. In addition, the surrounding humidity should also be controlled in place to avoid the impact of the steel pipe due to the too humid environment. In addition, there seems to be no special requirement for other spiral steel pipe manufacturers. In general, the performance of spiral steel pipe will not be affected. After all, temperature control is more suitable. It is enough to meet the expectations of its sustainable development. Seamless steel pipe products and services. Last week, the total social inventory of galvanized steel pipes in 5 cities was 3,896,600 tons, a decrease of 720,000 tons on a week-on-week basis. The total wire inventory was 1,249,400 tons, a decrease of 12,700 tons on a week-on-week basis. At the same time, steel mill inventories are increasing. According to the survey data of my galvanized steel pipe network, the total inventory of galvanized steel pipes of 139 building materials steel mills was 3,162,300 tons, an increase of 242,200 tons on a week-on-week basis.

At the same time as the high production efficiency of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, seamless steel pipe plants can also obtain better yields. In our lives, we use a lot of water pipes. Spiral steel pipes are one of them. What should we do when our spiral steel pipes are clogged? When the pipes are blocked, it will not only affect our use. Some materials inside the pipeline will also have a certain corrosive effect, so if it is not timely to clear, it will have a very bad impact after a long time.

The first is to rinse with water, and use the pressure of the water to wash away all the clogged substances. This method is very simple, but when there are too many plugged things, it will have no effect. Secondly, it is washed by machinery, using mechanical devices to generate high-pressure jets. Flush the pipe to loosen the deposits in the upstream pipe so that the dirt can be washed away
Strength test of pressurized containers: In addition to the sealing test, the pressure vessel is subjected to a strength test. There are two types of hydraulic pressure test and air pressure test. They both verify the weld density of containers and pipes that work under pressure. The air pressure test is more sensitive and speedy than the water pressure test, and the tested product does not need to be drained, which is especially suitable for products with difficult drainage. However, the risk of the test is greater than the hydraulic test. When conducting tests, the corresponding safety technical measures must be observed to prevent accidents during the test. Density test: In the case of a welded container for storing liquid or gas, the indentation defects of the weld, such as penetrating cracks, pores, slag inclusions, incomplete penetration and loose structure, can be found by the compactness test. The methods of compactness test include: kerosene test, water carrying test, water flushing test, etc.

In the hydrostatic test, each steel pipe shall be subjected to hydrostatic test without leakage. The test pressure shall be calculated according to the test stress Mpa of the S-hydrostatic test in the P=2ST/D type, and the test stress of the hydrostatic test shall be in accordance with the corresponding steel strip. The standard specifies 60 choices for the small value of the yield zui (Q235 is 235 MPa).
Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe makes full use of the current market reversal mechanism, under the premise of reducing or not increasing production capacity, through the elimination of backward, joint reorganization and the relocation of urban seamless steel pipe plant, accelerate structural adjustment and technological progress, and promote the seamless steel pipe industry to achieve A big to strong transition. Seamless steel pipe projects with simple new construction and expansion capacity will no longer be approved and supported. It is strictly forbidden to borrow the same name to eliminate backward production capacity, avoid the supervision and approval of the national environmental protection, land and investment authorities, and build a seamless steel pipe project.

First, the premise will be polished

However, the galvanized layer of the weld must be polished away, otherwise bubbles, trachoma, and false welding will occur. It also makes the weld brittle and the rigidity decreases.

Second, the welding characteristics of galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is generally coated with a layer of zinc outside the low carbon steel, and the galvanized layer is generally 20 um thick. Zinc has a melting point of 419 ° C and a boiling point of about 908 ° C. In welding, zinc melts into a liquid that floats on the surface of the bath or at the root of the weld. Zinc has a large solid solubility in iron, zinc liquid will deeply etch the weld metal along the grain boundary, and low melting point zinc forms "liquid metal embrittlement".

At the same time, zinc and iron can form intermetallic brittle compounds. These brittle phases reduce the plasticity of the weld metal and cause cracks under tensile stress.

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