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Future development trend of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe industry in Shenzhen Steel Works

Under the background of economic transformation, China's manufacturing industry is in the critical period of transformation and upgrading. It is the unshirkable responsibility of Shenzhen Steel Works to vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, promote China's manufacturing to move toward the middle and high-end, and exert the spirit of innovation and creativity to comprehensively improve the quality. .

In order to improve the competitiveness of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, it is necessary to put the implementation of national standards in the primary and prominent position, improve the standard strategy, play the leading role of standards, and promote the structural optimization and upgrading with product standardization to form a new competitive advantage.

"Leading the new national standard, establishing a new order, purifying the market environment, and standardizing corporate behavior." On the occasion of the nearly one-year anniversary of the implementation of the new national standard, it again declared its determination to the industry.

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes affirm the role played by the cold-formed steel industry association in resolving steel production capacity. At the same time, he hopes that enterprises should take the responsibility of revitalizing national industry, strive to achieve new demands, continuously expand new fields, and promote new developments in the industry.

Han Fei, a professor at North China University of Technology and vice chairman of the Sinosteel Cold-formed Steel Branch, made an impromptu speech. He pointed out that the promotion of new standards for hot-dip galvanized steel pipes can enhance the international competitiveness of the industry. Enterprises should actively build national brands, improve product quality, and use high-precision and high-quality products to enter the international market; behind the new national standard is the improvement of new technologies. In terms of equipment technology, Han Fei believes that enterprises should accumulate experience and strive to improve technology. Break through the barriers of imitation.
Jiang Haidong, director of the steel-steel cold-formed steel branch of the China Steel Group, wrote a work report titled “Leading the industry to regulate corporate behavior”. In Jiang Haidong’s view, the implementation of the new national standard has revolutionized the development of the manufacturing industry. The significance has injected new energy into the management industry's move toward higher, stronger and internationalization, and provided new impetus. Especially in the context of the overall adjustment and transformation of the national economy and the reform of the supply side, the implementation of the new national standard highlights the importance of improving product quality, improving product quality and optimizing industrial upgrading.

Jiang Haidong said that if hot-dip galvanized steel pipe enterprises do not want to be eliminated by the market and do not want to fall behind in the tide of the industry, they must resolutely implement and implement the new national standard. At the same time, he said that the General Steel Pipeline Branch will promote the new national standard as an opportunity to continue to guide member units to do technological transformation and innovation, continue to standardize the industry order, actively promote new products, and promote the upgrading of industry varieties.
National standards are not childlike, and they must be implemented unswervingly. "The implementation of the new national standard is to distinguish between good and bad, that is, to form a new kinetic energy, a new pattern of 'good money to drive out bad money', is to bring a 'new spring, positive energy' to the industry. Yin Jiuxiang pointed out that he has never heard of any practitioners in any industry who are bigger and stronger by producing and operating counterfeit and shoddy products. We will work closely with industry associations, standardization management organizations, and upstream and downstream related companies to take the lead.

The industry expert who has been engaged in hot-dip galvanized steel pipe for many years, Yang Runsheng, deputy director of the China Metal Materials Circulation Association and the leader of the judging panel, told reporters that the company actively promotes industry standardization. This work is leading the industry. Great good deeds, the merits of the future in the future, with standard reference, prompting enterprises to have self-discipline, which is also an opportunity for enterprise promotion, winning by quality in any era.